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These are photos of us & our families that we had laying around & wanted to share. Let us know if you see anything you want a copy of, we'll be happy to e-mail you any photos you want for you personal collection.

This streaming slideshow will update as we add more photos, so keep an eye out for new images!


This is the slideshow of the bridal shower that was thrown for the wedding. I was on April 5th, and I think, we all had a lot of fun. Games were played, food was had, laughs were shared. I can't say thank you enough to Matt's mom, Lorranie for planning the whole thing and getting us all together. I also want to thank everyone who came or was going to come but couldn't make it, I really appreciated you all being there. And thank you for the gifts and good wishes as well.

If you have any photos to add, you can send them over to me in an e-mail & I'll add them into the slideshow. Thank you.