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I'm Pam, the bride of this show:

Date of Birth: March 25
Parents: Laura & Don Steward
Siblings: Stephanie Martin [20 and married to Mark & a soon to be mother]; Bradley [16]; Spencer [11]

So yeah, I'm the eldest child in my family. I was born in Tennissee, but I moved a lot as a child. I think I was going to a different school every two years or less at one point. I've always been a bit of an artist and an avid reader for as long as I can recall. I tried the college thing for a while in Phoexix, Arizona for a while but i never really got any where with that, but I did enjoy getting to know my grandparents more. I might try again for somthing in codeing or print design later on. But for now I'm okay with just my diploma. Besides, if I hadn't of come back to sort things out & live with my parents, I'd of never met Matt.

Right now, I work as technical support/customer service for a credit agency that provides services for banks & other lending institutions. I spend my spare time reading, playing roll-playing video games, creating art, & on my computer doing thigs like creating this website. Also, those invitations you got, I did create them. I love movies , popcorn , & music. I like to cook, but hate doing dishes (so, I don't really cook as much as I'd like.)

If you want to go into astrology, I'm an Aries born on the cusp. That means I'm a bit demanding if I care about something, love to be as subborn and contrary as a spoiled house cat, & kind of impulsive. But those are just stereotypes (that I might just fit.)


About Matt, the groom:

Date of Birth: January 30
Parents: Lorraine & Robert Dennis
Siblings: Ryan [28 and married to Leslie]; Angela [22]; Eric [13]

My background is a bit different than Pam's is. I have lived in Richmond, OH for the whole of my life (minus a brief time living with my grandparents while my parents built their house). I had several more vacations and group trips that ranged from as far north as Niagra Falls to as far south as Mrytle Beach, South Carolina. I became an Eagle Scout while i was with the Boy Scouts and i have three degree's from Belmont Technical Collge. The degrees are Computer Graphics/ Multimedia Programming, Web Design, and E-Commerce.

I have found that in this area work in those fields is scares and barely pays enough to survive when your lucky, so I have spent the majority of my short adult life working as a warehouse associate for The Paradies Shops in the Pittsburgh Airport. I had a brief ten months working in a distribution center in Crafton, Pa, but I had a minor back injury while there, and took my time to look at the people around me in that warehouse. They had all had some form of injuury that would cause them problems for the rest of thier life due to that job, and I was not about to be one of them. SOOoooo, I took my family's advice to go back to college to get a degree in Powerplant Technology. It was when i went back to the airport that I met Pam. She was sitting at a kiosk, bored as can be. We talked off and on, she eventually changed jobs, and i asked her to go on a date... and here we are...